HydroVeggies invites you to attend the health fair on 8/21/11

Want to know more about Organic Hydroponic Gardening? Visit out booth at the health fair on August 21st located at First Baptist Church in Stockton, Ca. We will have AeroGardens in place for you to see.

Live, Learn and Grow Organically!

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Everyone Can Succeed With AeroGarden!

There are no more excuses for you not having your own garden, because Aerogarden is a foolproof garden for anyone and everyone. You can grow just about anything you desire. Although I’m not sure how to grow things like carrots, potatoes, onions or beets, anything above ground can be grown or at least started in the Aerogarden year-round. This wonderful little kitchen countertop appliance is perfect for kids to adults and has many benefits.

  1. 100% Guaranteed growth
  2. Improves air quality inside your home
  3. Soil-free
  4. Saves time and money (auto shipments and club subscriptions available)
  5. 100% Pesticide, herbicide or growth modification hormone free
  6. Can produce monthly residual income for distributors
  7. Year-Round Indoor Growth Season
  8. Self reliant – You will not have to purchase from grocery stores or local produce stands.
The Aerogarden is so easy to use that even if you have never had a garden before, you can succeed in growing your own garden right from your kitchen countertop, or even a small lamp table. The very small footprint of this garden makes it perfect for a college dorm room, small apartment, condo or even your RV as long as you secure it while driving. The largest unit measures 34″H x 18.5″W x 10.5″D but don’t let this small footprint fool you. For more information on the income potential or how you can own your Aerogarden, visit http://hydroveggies.com/aeroponics.

Live, Learn and Grow Organically!

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Aerogarden is a Foolproof Soil-free Garden

Aerogarden in the news This video explains how aerogarden uses aeroponic technology to make an easy foolproof soil-free  garden produce amazing fruits, herbs, plants and vegetables.

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AeroGarden Delivers Again!

Tonight was the perfect meal brought together with my aerogarden. I put together the most awesome meal without having to go to the store. My aerogarden was reminding me to add nutrients and I noticed that the basil was again getting way too tall and needed to be cut back. Guess what we had for dinner? Pesto made with the fresh basil grown in the aerogarden. Here is what I did to make this fabulous meal.

2 cups of fresh basil

3/4 cups of olive oil

1/2 cup almonds (typically pine nuts are used but I only had almonds so…)

3-4 cloves of garlic (we LOVE garlic)

1/4 Parmesan cheese

salt and pepper to taste

Put all ingredients together into the food processor and puree’. It takes only a few minutes and tastes great over pasta or in a pasta salad. The pesto sauce can be put into the freezer for a fast easy meal when you are pressed for time. Yumalious! E

Aerogarden basil and tomatoes

This is our own AeroGarden with basil and cherry tomatoes. The tomato seeds were planted directly from the tomatoes I had just sliced for a salad.


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AeroGarden – Greatest Little Garden Just Got Better!

AeroGarden – Greatest Little Garden Just Got Better!.

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AeroGarden – Greatest Little Garden Just Got Better!

Gardening is the nations’ favorite hobby and gaining momentum with the growing prices of produce. Now AeroGrow has changed their marketing model and will only sell through authorized distributors. We here at HydroVeggies recognize a great opportunity when we see it and are now one of the first authorized distributors on the west coast.
Now through our exclusive program, you can join a garden club which allows you to automatically receive your replacement seeds and nutrients every 3 months.
What a great opportunity to be able to enjoy organic healthy fruits and vegetables and earn an income at the same time. We welcome you to visit us at http://aerogrow.myvoffice.com/hydroveggies/index.html for our complete line of AeroGrow products as well as information on how you too can become an authorized distributor.
For all your organic hydroponic gardening needs visit us at http://hydroveggies.com
Live, Learn and Grow Organically!

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HydroVeggies Attends Earth Day Event

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